Hymba Yumba

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Hymba Yumba (Bidjara Language) a Community Listening and Learning Place, is an innovative education and community building initiative. This Prep – Year 12 school is grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Hymba Yumba provides education and training from birth to employment, including: Early Learning and Childcare (0 – 5 years), a fully accredited school (Prep – Year 12), vocational education and training (all ages), health and wellbeing services, an Elders Bora Place and University pathways.

Search Light Inc. and Hymba Yumba are community partners that work together to achieve positive educational and social outcomes for the students and their families.

Some of the recent activities we have worked together on include:

  • Senior student transport assistance project
  • Purga campus student art sale
  • Jillem Jillem awards sponsorship
  • Shade sails over the playground
  • Playground equipment for the junior school
  • Vocational support for senior students

To find out more about Hymba Yumba, please visit their website.