Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Having a baby when you are still in school can be an overwhelming experience for many young women and it is reassuring to know that you are not on your own. Our Centre offers a range of information and support services for young mothers and pregnant teenagers in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Pregnancy testYoung mothers share stories, experiences, pregnancy and parenting tips and plenty of laughs with other young mums at the weekly Mums’ group. A child health nurse regularly attends these sessions to discuss child development and nutrition with mothers and answer any questions they have.

Families can also access free on-site health care, including antenatal care at the weekly Health Clinic operated by the Inala Indigenous Health Service.

Young Mums can access the Midwife Check-in Program offered by Women’s Health Qld Wide Inc. that provides phone based information and support services for pregnant and parenting women. The service is completely confidential and operated by highly qualified and experienced midwives who can offer advice and respond to sensitive questions that may be easier to discuss over the phone.

Our services are intended to support young mothers and those experiencing teenage pregnancy, to stay in school while pregnant and parenting. To find out more contact us on (07) 3344 1056 or drop in and visit us at the Southside Family Centre and Crèche, 153 Lister St, Sunnybank.

Parenting Program

Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have and most of us will come to it with no qualifications or experience but as our children grow, we grow too as parents and learn together.

At the Search Light Early Learning Centre we run a weekly Parenting Program and a Peer Support Group with facilitated group sessions and discussion groups covering a broad range of topics, including; child development, nutrition, positive parent-child interactions, safe relationships, contraception, sexual health, managing children’s behaviour and where to go for help.

The Parenting Program includes the Bringing Up Great Kids program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation. Through this program parents learn to examine the messages they pass onto their children through their behaviour, interactions and emotional reactions and understand how to meet their children’s growing needs.

Mums get the chance to exercise their minds, bodies and creative energy through games, art and craft, personal training sessions and yoga classes.

Looking After You

As a young mother it is important to take care of yourself. Looking after you is a key topic discussed regularly at the Parenting Program and Mums’ group sessions. We ensure all our Mums know where and when to seek help and provide an accessible Information and Referral Service connecting our clients with the relevant service organisations that can help them.

Looking After You is a booklet for new mums that provides lots of practical tips and information about keeping a balance in your life. Being active and eating well helps you to look after your family, your home, your relationships and yourself – and feel great at the same time.

Looking After You: The Deadly Mums Guide to Feeling Great 

This booklet has been produced for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mums, aunties and nanas by Women’s Health Queensland Wide and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Services Mackay. If you are an Indigenous woman caring for a young family you will find the information, tips and recipes in The Deadly Mums Guide helpful for keeping a balance in your life.

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